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Warrant of Fitness

Does your rental need a WOF? David Hughes (NZIBI, BOINZ)

With the residential warrant of fitness scheme and healthy home package being discussed in parliament it seems only a matter of time before measures are introduced to assess landlords’ rental properties.

In an effort to address this and create a benefit for the landlords Eden Pacific NZ Ltd has come up with its own residential W.O.F scheme.

This scheme addresses not only the current living standard and functionality of the dwelling but also monitors areas of high risk for damage and allows for programmed maintenance to be factored in to future costs.

Assess Problem Areas

Slow leakage or misuse around wet areas such as showers and laundries and hot water cylinders can cause a lot of damage but often goes un-noticed for many years compounding the problem.
As part of the W.O.F assessment Eden Pacific will:

  • Assess the sub floor area, inspect beneath all wet areas and hot
  • water cylinder for signs of leakage and moisture damage to enable repairs to be carried out before costly remedial work is required.
  • Check sub floor to ensure a good cross flow of dry air is provided; often some passive measures can assist with drying a sub floor area creating a much healthier internal environment.
  • Eden Pacific will also clean and flush spouting and downpipes to ensure the storm water can get away correctly preventing backing up of spouting which may damage cladding or wall framing.
  • Test the smoke detectors and change batteries on an annual basis
  • Check the roof space to ensure all ducting is connected and insulation is well laid.
  • Ensure free standing ovens are secured to wall.

Blocked Spouting

As part of the WOF Eden Pacific will carry out a check and flush to the spouting of dwelling ensuring it is free flowing to avoid future problems and moisture ingress

Leakage to Wet Areas

Leaking showers, laundries and hot water cylinders can lead to water damaged flooring which can be a costly and inconvenient repair

Smoke Alarm Check

Eden Pacific will check all smoke alarms are in working order and refresh the batteries

Prevention is better than Cure!

Not only does this look at the functionality of the dwelling in regards to everyday use it looks for signs of deterioration from leaks in showers or hot water cylinders and leakage from lack of maintenance i.e blocked spouting or drains.



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Tenanted Properties

Tenants can be their own worst enemy when it comes to living in rental properties which can lead to costly repairs; a few areas observed as follows:


  • Lack of ventilation to rooms.
  • Mechanical ducts not directed to exterior.
  • Free standing gas heaters creating excess moisture.
  • Lack of cleaning allowing
  • mould to develop around joinery and on wall linings.
  • Damp subfloor areas creating high internal moisture.
  • Not changing batteries in smoke alarms.
  • Blocked spouting and downpipes causing un-necessary water leaks.
  • Blocking of ventilation to sub floor.
  • Blocked drains.

Peace of Mind…

Most of the above items will be complied with in a general rental property but any areas that do not meet the criteria will be brought to the landlords attention.

By obtaining the Eden Pacific residential W.O.F you will be able to provide letting agencies or local government independent certification that your rental property meets the relevant criteria.

In addition to this Eden pacific will undertake an assessment of risk areas to provide early identification of any issues and also test and change batteries in smoke detectors and clean and flush spouting. It is this level of care that will provide landlords, tenants, letting agencies and insurance companies peace of mind that the property is functioning and has the required basic maintenance and monitoring being carried out.

Presumptive meth testing can also be carried out either on change of tenant or annually.

We are currently working with insurance companies to see if a discount on home insurance can be arranged if a property has an Eden Pacific W.O.F in place.

The section of the WOF that will meet Governments draft criteria covers

1. Living rooms can be ventilated by opening doors, windows or mechanical ventilation.
2. Bedrooms can be ventilated by opening doors, windows or mechanical ventilation.
3. Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and laundries can be ventilated by opening doors, windows or mechanical ventilation.
4. Lounges have a minimum of two fixed power points one of which in suitable position for heater.
5. The roof is intact and not leaking.
6. The building exterior cladding, joinery, verandas and closed in decks to be functional and not leaking
7. Ceiling insulation present, where not practicable to install (e.g no ceiling cavity) appropriate heating must be installed.
8. Underfloor insulation is present. where not practicable to install (e.g no access) appropriate heating must be installed.

9. Sub floor must be dry with adequate ventilation.
10. Property has no mould and is free of damp and musty smells.
11. Landlord provided dryers are ducted to exterior.
12. Hotwater temperature is at a safe level.
13. Windows and doors to be structurally sound and operational.
14. Security stays on some ground level windows to allow for ventilation and security
15. External glass doors and low level glazing have visibility strips.
16. Access to front door is safe and free of trip hazards and well lit
17. Secure storage for hazardous or toxic substances or storage 1200mm high out of reach of children.
18. Internal/external hand rails and barriers meet requirements.
19. No visible electrical hazards.
20. Smoke alarms present and working.

21. Bedrooms to have at least two functional fixed power points.
22. Bedroom doors to be present and operational.
23. Bathroom/toilet doors to be present and operational.
24. Kitchen sink to have potable hot and cold water.
25. Laundry to have dedicated water and waste services for a washing machine.
26. Bathroom to have functioning hand wash services and potable hot and cold water.
27. Bathroom to have body wash facilities.
28. WC to be provided and functioning.
29. Kitchen must provide food storage facility.
30. Wastewater and sewage services to be present and functional
31. Stormwater services to be present and functional
32. Floor linings to be intact and able to be kept hygienic

33. Ceiling and wall linings to be intact and able to be kept hygienic.
34. Free standing stoves protected from tipping.
35. The property can be clearly identified by emergency services from the street.
36. No obvious signs of vermin at time of letting.
37. All habitable spaces to have at least one electric light and natural light.
38. All properties to have a means of cooking hot food.
39. Properties to provide hygienic surface for food preparation.
40. Kitchen to have at least two fixed power points.
41. Laundry to have at least one fixed power point

Get your home a WOF today…

By obtaining a WOF from Eden Pacific you will have early warning of any upgrades required to meet the Governments draft proposals. You will also have peace of mind that the building is performing, having had basic maintenance to storm water and smoke detectors and is providing a healthy habitable home for your tenants.

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