Warrant Of Fitness reports on rental/investment properties (insurance reduction)

This is a report undertaken on an annual basis for the benefit of the landlord.  It will focus on ensuring that there are no issues or situations which will lead to deterioration or damage of the building which may go unseen by the tenant.


The inspection will cover all areas of the dwelling not covered by the rental managers due to accessibility.


The report will look at the sub floor area to ensure that there are no leakage or seepage issues from fixtures such as showers, washing machines, dishwashers or hot water cylinder.  

 The subfloor inspection will also check on underslung drainage and plumbing to ensure it is working correctly.  An assessment of the moisture and air flow of the subfloor is also made as this affects the internal environment of the house and can create excessive condensation and mould.

The inspection will cover the roof for broken or damaged tiles ,cleaning and flush of the spouting and downpipes will be carried out.

Checking on ovens, smoke alarms, balconies, stair barriers, window and door security, open drains on property, and fencing of driveways if required.

The basis of the inspection is to ensure that the landlords asset is being maintained and performing well and any required maintenance can be addressed before it leads to potentially costly repairs.  It will also give a good indication of how the tenant is treating the property.

Additional services such as House washing or Meth testing (P) can be carried out if required.

We are currently in negotiations with insurers to establish a discount on home insurance if the landlord has an annual WOF inspection.


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